Award Winners

 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for
DrNarasimhaChebroluDepartment of Physics, Central University of KarnatakaIndia2D MaterialsBest Researcher Award
MrMAKKAJAYAKRISHNASri Sivani college of engineeringIndia3D printingBest Researcher Award
DrMohammadrezaMorovvatiAmirkabir University of TechnologyIranAbstract: This paper provides novel research on the effect of full dispersion and agglomeration of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) in the Aluminum (AL) matrix. The effect was investigated using the representative volume element (RVE) and finite element method (FEM). The acquired findings were compared to the experimental method (EXP) to assess the correctness of the employed method. In the investigation to anticipate the SWCNT rule in AL/SWCNT mechanical properties, RVE and FEM approach focused on two primary conditions: SWCNT complete dispersion and via agglomeration. Al/SWCNT was manufactured using powder technology. SEM images revealed that there were local SWCNT agglomerations within the composites at greater carbon nanotube concentrations, resulting in a decrease in the specimens' elastic modulus and mechanical strength. Based on RVE and EXP methods, the elastic modulus was increased until dispersed SWCNTs were added up to 2 wt%, after which the modulus was decreased as more SWCNTs were added. The elastic modulus with EXP was compared to the RVE curve cylinder SWCNT full dispersion and curve cylinder with SWCNT agglomeration results under periodic boundary conditions (PBC). The comparison demonstrated that EXP and RVE were in an acceptance agreement. In addition, AL-SWCNT RVEs were studied under damage condition.Best Researcher Award
MrHaileyesusGedamuBahir Dar UniversityEthiopiaAcademic staff in NursingExcellence in Research
Assist Prof DrSantuDasInstitute of Advanced Study in Science and technology GuwahatiIndiaAcoustic-gravity wavesBest Researcher Award
Prof DrYufanZhaoNorthwestern Polytechnical UniversityChinaAdditive manufacturingYoung Scientist Award
MrLakshman SriS VSri Ramakrishna Engineering CollegeIndiaAdditive Manufacturing , Composite Manufacturing , Material Science , Mechanical Testing and AnalysisBest Researcher Award
DrNabeelMaqsoodKaunas University of TechnologyLithuaniaAdditive manufacturing of compositesBest Researcher Award
DrFrancisOluwadayoEdo State University, UzairueNigeriaAdsorbent synthesis/AdsorptionBest Researcher Award
DrYakneshSambathBharath Institute of Higher Education and ResearchIndiaAdvanced Joining techniquesBest Researcher Award
ProfChengliangZhuNortheastern UniversityChinaAdvanced optical fiber structuresBest Researcher Award
DrSyamir AlihanShowkat AliUniMAPMalaysiaAeroacoustics, AerodynamicsBest Researcher Award
DrAimeeBridgesUniversity of PhoenixUnited StatesAfrican American male students as functional intelligent materials that are stimuli-responsiveBest Researcher Award
ProfNgo NgocHungUniversistyVietnamAgricultural soilBest Innovation Award
ProfMd AtaurRahmanDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, International Islamic University MalaysiaMalaysiaAgriculture Smart Machinery and Automotive EngineeringBest Researcher Award
DrAsmamawMulusewGuizhou UniversityChinaAgriculture, food security, productivityBest Paper Award
DrsinanMohammed sheetNTUIraqAIBest Researcher Award
Prof DrClaudioUrreaUniversity of Santiago of ChileChileAI, automation and controlBest Researcher Award
MsJoanaAntunesCranfield UniversityUnited KingdomAircraft fatigue and damage toleranceBest Researcher Award
MrPaulo HenriqueChiberioFederal University of Rio Grande do Norte(UFRN).BrazilAl2O3 dielectric ceramic tapes containing hBN for applications on high-frequency substratesBest Researcher Award
 Title First Name Last Name Institution/Organization Country Subdomain/Subject/Service Area Selected for


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